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Christmas Enlightenment with Bavarian Roots

Christmas enlightenment with Bavarian roots

Wonderful Christmas wonderful, extremely enlightened in the morning with Christina telling each other the Christmas story of Joseph and Maria and the child and then discovering on the Internet the touching tale of Ludwig Thoma.
Thoma, a Bavarian author of the early 20th century, has written „Heilige Nacht“ (Holy Night), a very touching version of the story with Bavarian songs. I know this beautiful piece since many years; it awakens my Bavarian soul, and it touched me so much that I cried.

Between us two, there was an atmosphere of fulfilment, of tangible, strong love, of a field of joy, a field of holiness and everything. We felt it both without talking, we felt: It is fulfilled, we have reached the peak of fulfilment, of a deeper understanding of Christianity, of the meaning of life.

The birth of the child is a message of joy, the joy of of innocence and simplicity.

Thoma stresses many times in his story that only the poor, simple people understand the message.
This reminded me about our friend Mamade who has reached his fulfilment through poorness, through suffering, through humbleness.

And although Christina and I are not poor in this sense, we lead a simple, modest life. We don’t have a permanent house any more, we sometimes depend on the hospitality of friends, we eat and dress modestly. But we feel rich! Verrrrrry rich!

The church has many times taught and practiced the contrary of these truths. But we don’t take this so seriously. It is a story of the past. Now is the time that joy and love are fulfilled and spread around the planet in the real and pure way.

There is a part in Thoma’s story which is very powerful. We saw an interpretation of this part on youtube. I quote it here in German (Bavarian :-), my English translation below)

Und jetzt! Was dös am Himmi war!
Als wenn de Kirz’n am Altar
Da Mesna o’zünd’t – da – jetzt durt –
Oans nach dem andern brenna s‘ furt –
So leucht’n d‘ Stern auf – oiwei mehr.
Auf oamal braust’s von ob’n her,
Als wia von hundert Orgeln klingt’s,
Als wia vo tausad Harfa singt’s,
Und Engelstimma wundafei‘,
De klingan drei‘.
Halleluja! Halleluja!
Und vo da Weit’n, vo da Näh
Und vo herunt bis z’höchst in d‘ Höh,
Und tuat bald laut, und bald vaschwimmt’s
Ganz ob’n, und wieda runta kimmt’s.
Und in den hellen Jubelg’sang,
Im Orgel- und im Harfaklang
Hat jetzt
A tiafe Stimm o’g’setzt
Mit G’walt,
So wia ‚r a Glock’n hallt:
»Kommt alle z’samm!
Ihr braucht koa Furcht net hamm!
Die höchste Freud wird euch verkünd’t,
Im Stall dort liegt das Christuskind.
So hat die Nacht
Den Heiland bracht
Zu dieser Stund.
Ehre sei Gott in der Höh‘
Und Frieden den Menschen herunt!«


….At once there is a storm from above
It sounds like 1000 organs,
It sounds like 1000 harps,
and voices of angels, very fine
chant in between,
Halleluja, halleluja!

It sounds from far and sounds from near,
And from below to the highest heights,
sometimes loud, sometimes disappearing,
Very high, and then back to earth:
And in the bright cheerful song,
In the harmony of the organ and the harp,
A deep voice starts to speak
with great power,
like a bell that resounds:
„Come all together,
The highest joy is announced to you:
The christmas child is in the stall.
The night has brought
The messias
At this hour.
Honour to God in the heavens,
And peace to men on earth.“

These are images, visions of fulfilment, of heaven, of the greatness of life. How rich, how uplifting, how holy!
These feelings have gone through us today, and they are still present as we are sitting in a café in Cozumel, Mexico, writing on our texts about the new world which will be a world of celebration, peace, and joy.
We feel so strongly the connection all over the world with like minded people. So much has been given to us in our life, on our journeys all around the globe! The growing of the network of light is tangible, yes it is! Halleluja!


I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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