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Leverage of the world in Spain

Sometimes things develop so rapidly. I am in the middle of a leverage project in Spain. One week ago, I did not know about it.
There are old friends, new friends, elevated friends, presentations, radio interviews, expectations, animations, songs, laughter and laughter again.
Yesterday, at my first presentation this week in Villajoyosa, I started laughing during my speech. I don‘t remember why. But some of these inspired Spanish people joined in, and I didn‘t stop, and more joined in, and it developed into a real strong and unstoppable laughter session.
At some point, I wanted to continue my important messages, but I couldn‘t, since everybody was laughing. So I joined in again, and still it did not stop. Well, it never should stop, should it? This way, a presentation is easy to prepare: You just start laughing and don‘t stop.
Well…after about seven or ten minutes we managed, and I continued. I don‘t know exactly if my words were reasonable. I talked in Spanish, and in this language it is even more difficult to express reasonable things.
I told them about the laughter god. The laughter god is playing a role in my life lately. I am channeling him. I will explain this later.
For our joyful event on Sunday, 16. February, in Altea, the laughter god will be present in person. I will play the laughter god. What a dream! Roland is the laughter god!
I will have three or four disciples with me: Clowns of philosophy, art, psychology, science. I will send them to earth in order to move the planet into more joy.
Yesterday in Villajoyosa we moved the world with our laughter and our songs. In the end we formed a circle and sang many times the song: Di que sí, que sí. Say yes, say yes. It was a circle of joy, a coalition of joy.
Some 20 people had come together in an apartment of the town, a private place. It felt a little like the first Christians coming together in the catacombs, secretly. There was no secret, no danger. But still, things like laughter and joy are somehow secret. One woman said that laughter yoga is very little known in Spain. Certainly it is less known than football 🙂
Well, man, why do you dedicate your time to a topic so little known? Will you ever be successful with it?
Good question. I am already successful with it, because I have so much fun. I am blessed, every day, with Christina, my friends, the inspired network around the world, enough money, and my good health. Happy man! Verrrrry happy man!
The leaders of tomorrow get together. Yesterday I met with Fernando and Age for breakfast. Age is our good friend since many years. He is from Norway and leads a Norwegian restaurant in Altea. A friend in laughter!
Fernando organizes events and workshops in the region. He had invited me to give these talks every evening in different towns. He is very engaged, and he moves something. We understood each other from the first moment. The coalition is alive after five minutes, Fernando remarked.
We get together here on earth, and we are moving the earth. Let‘s go on!


I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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