Conversation between the Laughing God, Roland and the shaver

On a terrace with views of the Bernese Alps – Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau –  in sunny weather

Shaver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz.

Laughing God: Roland, you’re chosen.

Shaver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz.

LG: Chosen, you hear?

Roland: Not so well.

LG: You are chosen, I said!

Shaver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz

Roland: Okay. For what?

LG: You are the bearer of the good news, the man for the inspiration, the Laughing One, the one who……..
Shaver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz grz grz .

Roland: What an honor!

LG: Sing the cherubim. The bells ring. Your razor is buzzing .

Shaver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz grz pft pft grz .

LG: Oh, would the people recognize! We know it, we know it!

Roland: We know that high knowledge of the higher self, the knowledge of all knowledges, the way, the immersion, the love – and above all, the laughter!

LG: Hahahahahahahahaha !

Shaver : buzz buzz buzz buzz grz grz. pft pft pft pft pft …. pft …. (battery dies) .

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