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Foolosophy 1 – Self-Love

Foolosophy 1 – Self-Love

I recently decided to formulate central insights of Foolosophy and make them better known. I have also been asked by a few good souls for an introduction into the secrets of a happy life. So this is chapter 1.

On our big trips in the past five years, we have repeatedly – and more and more often –  encountered a field of „lightful souls“. Adults and adolescents seek new orientations, get enthusiastic, discover laughter and joy in their life, become luminous and creative beings. We have often found such souls and organizations in the „New World“: In South America, in California, on Hawaii.

A network of such people is forming on the Internet with new technical possibilities. But we have also had many personal, profound, joyful, inspiring encounters in friendship and love.

On Facebook there is a group „Lightworkers of the World“. I recently posted a funny picture of me with the line: „Incurably happy – any advice?“ – and got an avalanche of 350 sympathetic and encouraging comments and „Like“ signs. Wonderful. 40000 people in this group identify with the passion Lightworker.

The concept of light has become more and more central in recent years to Christina and me. I am connected to the Findhorn community, a „Center of Light“. In Switzerland, we often live in a field that is inspired by the term.
What does this mean philosophically?
We associate with light an easy and joyous life that no longer focuses on problems but on solutions. We associate optimism and positivity.
Laughter and light are closely linked. In laughter I am transported to a higher, more enlightening dimension – a dimension that is fun, that directs towards catharsis (purification of the soul). You can learn to laugh at yourself. Paradoxically, laughing at yourself leads to greater self-love, because you no longer take yourself so seriously.

Now the critical minds ask: But the world is in terrible condition. We must use every effort to solve environmental problems in order to eradicate poverty. Please read in this context The World is not Falling Apart
Unfortunately, I meet many people who are neither poor nor ill, but they experience in their soul a lack of purpose which is just as bad as material poverty. The main thing is: What can we do, the people of the West. We can take a step into our own light, into our happiness, into our capability of self-love.
The state of the world is not as catastrophic as the media would have us believe. Or as we want to believe it ourselves, because we have become accustomed to think pessimistically.

Foolosophy says it the other way round, radical as it is: The mere fact of our existence is a wonderful, sensational, refreshing, joyful, overwhelming and exhilarating event. We should celebrate this life every day, enjoy every day and every minute! Then we become new people, lightful people in support of a new era that is created jointly by us.

We are at the beginning of the year 2015. May we – and may I – grow more and more into this positive vibration, into the swing of connectedness. May we be strong, centered, courageous and light-witted – in the swing of love. The best step is to love ourselves. A master of western mysticism and philosophy, Meister Eckhart, has splendidly said this in the14th century. I have studied his works in my youth and wrote a philosophical work about him. The following quote, with which I finish, is taken from the wonderful book „The Art of Loving“ by Erich Fromm, which is now available for free on the Internet. Eckehart says:
„If you love yourself, then you love everybody as yourself. As long as you love one person less than yourself, you never have learnt to love yourself truly… Everything is good with a person who is self-loving and loves everybody else. Everything is fine with him.“

Holley Sommerville Knott:


I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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