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Foolosophy 4 – Let’s be happy!

We had a funny waiter on our last day in Arambol, Goa. He served us the Fruit Salad in the Restaurant „Eyes of Buddha“ with a smile, and with some funny commentaries. I didn’t know what it was – but Christina and I were amused all the time about him.

For instance, she asked him about about the quality of the water for drinking. Is it filtered, is it from a bottle? He murmured something about filters which we did not really understand. And then he said: „If you get sick, I call the ambulance for you.“ We – and especially Christina – found that very funny. We had a good laugh.

When we left, Christina asked him: „Are you happy?“ And he said: „I am always happy. Without happiness, life is not good.“


It’s so simple, isn’t it?

According to scientific tests, happiness can be measured. In their „Test Book“, Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschaeppeler have described 69 scientific tests. One of them is about happiness. This test has been developed by US psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. The first question of the test is: „In general, I consider myself „not very happy“ until „very happy“, on a scale from one to seven.
So: If you consider yourself vey happy – then you are very happy!

What a miracle! You create your world! I create my world! By considering myself as happy, I transform my whole world into a world of happiness.

In India and in other countries on our travels, we often have met people like this. They live a very simple life, they don’t have much. Our waiter sleeps outside, under the roof of the restaurant, on some old mattresses. He works 16 hours a day, seven days per week. But he smiles all the times and amuses us with his funny commentaries.

My friend Nico has written a poem about the art of happiness. Here it is – an inspiration for us westerners, I suppose:

Isn’t It Enough?

Isn’t it enough that the sun rises
And you can hear the music of the birds?
Isn’t it enough you can open your mouth
And out come tumbling your words?

Isn’t it enough you can plant a seed
And in time have something to eat?
Isn’t it enough you can snap your fingers
And somehow keep a beat?

I don’t care if Jesus was divine
If he turned water into wine
Or if Moses parted the Red Sea
It doesn’t matter to me

I don’t need miracles to believe
Or any religion to be deceived
Life by itself is a wonder to me
Just everyday reality

Isn’t it enough that stars fill the sky
And grain is baked into bread?
Isn’t it enough to see a child smile
When you tuck it into bed?

Isn’t it enough you can see and smell
And think and hear and feel
Isn’t all this sufficient proof
Isn’t this a big enough deal?

Please find my article about Nico’s poems here


Here follow our personal wishes for you, for your happy life 🙂


I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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