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The Inner Kingdom of Joy

The Inner Kingdom of Joy

Each of us is a king or queen in his/her inner kingdom. And as a king or queen, you can decide whatever you want in your kingdom. You can order happiness and your kingdom will be happy.

Nothing else exists but your kingdom. It exists through your perception and through your interpretation of your perception.

In laughter you learn and experience that many of your former interpretations and projections were ridiculous. Hahahahhaha, teeheeteehee!

Maybe you think you are a sinner, a weakling or failure, that life is a school in which you have to learn your lessons. If you come from Asia, you might think that the world is an illusion and that you should escape this illusion by leading an ascetic life; or that the essence of life is suffering. Or, you might think that you are not meant to be happy as long as there are unhappy people on the planet.

But as a king in your inner garden you own the power of happiness, which influences your whole kingdom. Author Robert Holden, another spokesman of the Joy Coalition, says in his book ‘Happiness Now’ that we help the world by being happy. Our happiness is healing for others even if we don’t intend it to be so.

The focus is your own inner kingdom. Your positive impact on others is the automatic result of it. So don‘t try to be happy to help others! Be happy for yourself! The magic follows.

Swamiji Balendu recently said that the exercise of happiness in itself is a sufficient spiritual path. If you are happy, you are spiritual.

All humans create their own inner world, but many don‘t realize it. They think they are little cogs in the machine, powerless and dependent on others.

The practice of joy generates the power to allow you to be king in your garden.

It will not take long before a very large number of people will realize this. Each of us will develop his full laughter-potential. Our kingdoms will flourish, as our inner kingdom is without limits or borders!

A positive zeitgeist will spread around the world moving whole countries, inspiring the Internet community, affecting the mass media. Here we are, productive, joyful creatures. Here we are, co-creators of a new world. Here we are, Hahhahahhahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa!

We, the pioneers of this movement, are already celebrating. We are motivated and joyful, full of love and inspiration. Present, in the moment, here we are: the laughter kings, the bliss band –  everyday people who hug in the streets, who sing and dance and enjoy every day!

Text from my book: The Age of Laughter – available from me directly. Mail to

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Here is a wonderful video about the power of joy:



I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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