Diary of the Initiative

Diary of the initiative – Read from bottom to top!

April 22

It’s a delicious thing, isn’t it; there’s an either-or. Whoo-hoo! The field is regrouping. I’ve been practicing not thinking in either/or categories for the last 20 years. And now I suddenly like it… The first yes/no decision: do you put the match in an envelope and send it off? The second: Do you actively help, e.g. with a street action or other creative designs? – And so on.

For me personally, there are always choices like that, too. That keeps me alive. And at the same time I cultivate the as-well-as. Everything is right and good, everything develops by itself. I do what brings me joy, and I also do nothing. Wonderfull!

21.4. 2022

A lot has happened in the last days. We did a street action in Ins; the video came out very well. When I address people personally, I have a hit rate of about 99.5 percent.

13.4., Tschugg

Our story grows fast and inspires. Old and new friends help, get involved, produce new ideas.

On Monday, 11.4., three of us organized a street action in the neighboring village of Ins. Sabine was there as a co-organizer. Christina took over the filming.

Soon Eberhard Jost, the social worker and pastor, showed up. I know him a little. He aptly remarked that we no longer need nuclear weapons. Lorenz Glauser, in turn, pointed out that we now live in the age of consciousness; that wars no longer fit.

We spoke with several more people, all of whom resolved to send the match to the Federal President. It was very encouraging! More actions will follow!

I made a video afterwards. Here it is:

6.4. 22, noon

There has been a good buildup for the match inspirations. We will be holding street actions and handing out our beautiful little cards.

I play the president of a nuclear power:

6.4. 22, a.m.

I call the embassy of New Zealand. I want to know if a letter to Prime Minister Ardern would be forwarded to her by the Embassy. I get friendly information and also the mail address of Mrs. Ardern. Later I try the same with the Embassy of Israel in Bern. Unfortunately nothing works. I always get only automatic answers. I have documented some of this on video. It is somewhat amusing!

1.4. 2022

The day in Bern yesterday was very rich. First, I met with Jani and we had visions about big matches on the Bundesplatz. A wonderful idea from Jani! Then later I interacted with people: In a sandwich bar and in the university library. I got into conversation with people and told them about the initiative. They were immediately motivated to send a match. Soon we will do street actions in this direction! I prepare a postcard with the text, which one only needs to sign. Then put a match into an envelope, and off it goes in the mail. In addition, there is a list to sign. Wonderful!

3/28, 2022

A lot went on last week. One highlight was the three videos at the Garage Cafe last Friday. Ch helped with the filming. But the construction worker across the street was also supportive! I asked him to turn off his loud cleaning machine for 30 minutes, and he did!

The three scenes:

I labeled an envelope to the Swiss President Cassis and sent him a match. Already in the afternoon, the letter landed in the mailbox.

I play a head of state of the year 2032. His country was the first to abolish all nuclear weapons and is now allowed to light the peace candle in New.

The same scene in German.
You can watch all these videos on the video page.

3/22, late afternoon

The Global Initiative of the 90s was inspired by the wisdom of youth. GI 22 is inspired by the wisdom of age 🙂

22.3. afternoon

Really! A match for President Cassis! Great! I may still tweak the text. Idea: Conceive this diary as a book. I would just reverse the order for that. I can do that in WordPress, don’t have to publish it yet.

And the different languages. Should I really offer the whole thing in four languages on the website? Where today everyone with a translation program finds his language?

Are not German and English enough? Then I don’t like the text color in WordPress. It is so pale….


The Swiss government answered me very positively. Mr. Wollenmann of the FDFA gave detailed information about Switzerland’s activities with regard to nuclear disarmament. Switzerland is cooperating with many governments. Among others, there is the Stockholm Initiative. The Global Initiative would also be invited to a round table. More details to follow.


Idea for Switzerland

President Cassis hands a match to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, at the UN Opening Assembly on September 20, 2022.

He asks the Secretary General and the General Assembly to do everything possible for nuclear disarmament in the next 20 years.

He informs about the action „A match for peace“.

Committed inhabitants of Switzerland can now send matches to President Cassis with this message.

Alternatively, they can send postcards with a picture of a match. One free option is the „Postcard Creator“ from Swiss Post. With this tool, you can send a card every day!


I get good tailwind for the initiative. I exchanged ideas with good friends and they were enthusiastic. The thing with the match is motivating in that you can do something. You can put the match in the envelope and send it off. You can do more, of course: you can contact friends or the press. But above all, you can be infected by the virus of confidence and the inspiration of world peace.

There are many reactions to the world situation. I also react with this initiative. But actually I see myself as an actor. I look into the future, and I engage myself as a joyful creator for the future world community of fellow humanity. It’s wonderful that this compassion is felt and lived in all places. We already have so many loving communities and inspired relationships! We have them on a small scale, and we will soon have them on a large scale.

I am also using artificial intelligence and am very fond of it. I dictated this text into my phone, and everything was just written down. And this on a walk in wonderful nature!


I find the idea with the match pretty ingenious. David wins against Goliath! A wonderful idea that hundreds of thousands of matches arrive at the nuclear powers in colorful letter envelopes from all countries. The press could spread the word. We do not want to set the world on fire! We want to light a fire of peace.


Here I record my thoughts and processes. It is a great pleasure for me! It is a greater change in my identity, another transformation. Such fun! I already find quite good info. For example, I saw that in 2014 the Marshall Islands convened a trial at the International Court of Justice in The Hague against the nuclear powers. Such an indictment could be brought again, and I could ask the Marshall Islands again. But Switzerland could also bring such an indictment, and then it would probably be even more effective. I could ask the President why we haven’t done that already, like in the Book of Peace. I also think the idea of the match is ingenious. There is still the famous song of Mani Matter, there the reverse is described.

So: Send a match to each of the nuclear powers and tell them that they can be the first to light the world peace candle if they are the first to disarm their nuclear weapons. I identified France and Israel first.

In the case of Switzerland, I would make it a condition that they really make a treaty to have completely disarmed in 100 years at the latest. Before that, they could disarm under conditions.

A letter to the Marshall Islands is no big deal.

I am writing as President of the Global Initiative, and I am enclosing the text from 1999. I also inform that I am in negotiations with Switzerland. And that the World Peace – Candle is waiting at the UN. Great idea Olé!

It would be interesting to know the outcome of the negotiations at the International Court of Justice.

17.3. 22

In 2014, according to Wikipedia, the Marshall Islands sued the nuclear powers USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea before the International Court of Justice. According to the island nation, the aforementioned states are not fulfilling their nuclear disarmament obligations.

Britain, India and Pakistan accepted the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. In 2015, the people of the island nation were awarded the Right Livelihood Award for their commitment to the anti-nuclear movement.


In 1988, Gorbachev became chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, replacing Andrei Gromyko as head of state. On December 7, 1988, Gorbachev delivered a speech to the 43rd UN General Assembly in New York in which he held out the prospect of unilateral disarmament steps.

The new freedom led to a series of mostly peaceful revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989. This ended the Cold War. Four weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which caught Gorbachev by surprise, he met with U.S. President George H. W. Bush off Malta on the Soviet cruise ship Maxim Gorky on Dec. 2 and 3, 1989, for summit talks, stating, „The Cold War is over.“

Quote, „Dangers lurk for those who do not respond to life.“

Swiss Government 1999

In the March 1999 letter, then Foreign Minister Flavio Cotti wrote:

In order to send a signal not only in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, but also on the international stage at the UN headquarters in New York, I am happy to have the World Peace Candle presented to the General Secretariat on July 10, 1999. A representative of the Swiss Mission in New York can present this symbol of our country’s desire for peace to a representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Comment 2022: This candle will be lit when there are no more nuclear weapons on planet Earth.


How did I come up with it in the first place?

It was triggered by the crisis in Ukraine. The world is upside down because of it. Putin attacks and disregards international law. Old fears are surfacing. Can this escalate?

At the time, we had called for the immediate disarmament of all countries to save the planet ecologically. We had great successes, we triggered a popular movement. We showed that a small group of people can do a lot.

That’s when I got the bug: If we could do it then, why can’t we do it now? The Swiss government handed over our peace candle to the UN; 150000 young people demonstrated in 1996.

One night I couldn’t sleep and found old documents of the Global Initiative. Impressive! I could sleep even less 🙂

March 22: We were still traveling in Spain. I made a first video on the topic. A few days later I made another video, this time in English – in the miracle garden at the neighbors, with the theme „Heaven on Earth“.

The World Peace Candle impressed me, the collaboration with Foreign Minister Cotti.

So I spontaneously made a video to the Swiss government in the Womi. I still sent from Spain a postcard with a short text and a photo of me. I also copied a QR code on it. With this code they can see my video to the Swiss government. What fun!

Back in Switzerland, I first had to recover a bit from the trip, and there was a lot of cleaning up to do. I was almost a little exhausted and took it easy for the first few days: not too many decisions please!!!

I discovered Cotti’s letter from that time and found out a mail address of the DFA. To this mail address I wrote then and made some suggestions. The current foreign minister is Ignazio Cassis. Again a Ticinese, a likeable one! And Cassis is also President of the Swiss Confederation. That fits!

I always need a little time to get into the flow. I don’t really have that time. But it happens. I can assess myself well and manage my energy. I laugh a lot, meditate a lot, also read, am together with Christineli, cook something delicious, have contact with friends.

I read Osho in Spanish and was impressed by a story he told about St. Therese. She stood in a square and said: here will be built a cathedral. No one believed her. The bystanders said: it will cost a lot of money. She pulled a small amount out of her pocket, say 10 francs, and said: these 10 francs, plus the help from God, add up to an infinite sum. – The cathedral was built.

With the help of God, everything is possible! We experienced and showed it then. My whole life is a miracle, a firework of happiness.

The miracle continues, and everything goes by itself. That’s how it is!

Beginning of March 2022: Due to current events, I am continuing the Global Initiative. Have fun with it! Let’s disarm – all of us, each for himself, and the governments with regard to the military. A long-term perspective for an enjoyable future!

The situation in the Ukraine woke up my heart as a peace maker. So here is a video for disarmament. I recorded it in Spain on March 5, 2022.

Join me!