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The Coalition Already Exists

I have written this text in the year 2010. It’s still good 🙂

The Coalition Already Exists

I am writing this after a fit of laughter and am still laughing, Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I call this the foolosophical style, one which I first employed in my book about laughter in 2003.

Now it’s a little more evolved, hahahaha, without boundaries and with increased pleasure and imagination. It expresses joy and ecstasy, best understood by a reader of like mind and spirit. So, before you continue reading, laugh for 5 minutes! Also, have another look at the movie “Bodhisattva In Metro”.

The coalition of joy already exists. Thousands, perhaps millions of people are happy, joyful, universally friendly and doing their best. They bring with them the gift of happiness and spread it. Some transform their lives by laughter. They learn in laughter clubs, laughter yoga, laughter therapy and practice it in their daily lives. What we all find is pure beauty: the beauty and richness of life, the beauty of our own selves, of the universe and of the Laughing God.

Many are on a spiritual path, practicing yoga, tai chi, meditation. Others juggle, dance, and make music. On their paths they discover an inner joy, a source for constant celebration. Seek and you will find it. Like us, you might even find gold you weren’t even mining for.

Laughter and joy go around the globe! They travel well! Let’s celebrate! Be inspired…

Work through and transcend your negative thoughts, fears and unwanted belief systems (if you still have any)! In laughter and in celebration there grows an inner sanctum of positivism and joy. Discover and believe that life is beautiful – extremely beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful! You are beautiful. See more, feel more when you are in joy. Perceive and manifest a shining and brilliant reality.

So, millions of us around the planet are experiencing this brilliance. The more we laugh, dance and play, the stronger the experience becomes.

Radiate joy, laughter and love with the fastest-growing club on earth. Do it for yourself. Know that your own soul garden will thrive when you nurture it with inner sunshine. It is so exciting, a dream come true.

Dear Reader: You might be surprised here by the language I use.For instance, I rarely use the word ‘important’.

The German word for important is ‘wichtig’, derived from ‘gewicht’ or ‘weight’. Something important has weight. And everybody is writing important books.

But the essence of laughter is lightness. Laughter is not important, it is inspiring!

I have written above: It is exciting to influence it. I have not written: It is important to influence it.

This is the reason why many people still don‘t understand the laughter philosophy. They only understand serious issues. Well, enough of this now. Hahhahhhahahhahaa! Let‘s get back to important stuff. Hahahhahhahha!

Here are some language propositions for your everyday life, words and phrases to use as often as you like: wonderful, so much fun, extremely good, yeah, yippie, great, I love you. Say each of them at least 10 times a day and observe how quickly you change into a happy, radiant person!

Let‘s celebrate in our communities, whether we know each other or not! Let‘s dance the cosmic divine dance together, the one that Krishna still dances, the playful dance of pure divine joy which is called Leela! By doing so, we become more loving and more joyful all the time. People will identify us in the streets even when we don‘t wear our red noses. We are recognizing each other on the street simply by looking into each other‘s eyes. That twinkle in the eye unites us with each other and with God.

Radiate it, enjoy it! Let’s laugh and have fun until we collapse or wet our pants!


Instead of the VIPs (Very Important People), we celebrate the VEPs (Very Enjoyable People).