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Sunset in Pai, Thailand

Sunset celebration in Pai.

Every evening the sunset admirers meet below the white Buddha on the hill in Pai.
We joined them, singing some of our happy and inspirational songs.
The resonance to „Yes we are children of the rising sun“ was outstanding, as you can see in the video.

What is the meaning of this text?

Yes we are children of the rising sun,
Yes we are people of the new day,
And we dance, dance, dance
like a wild, wild fire!

The rising sun symbolizes the new times that are coming. It will be a powerful sun and a powerful time, full of light. We are the children of this sun: We can discover again our childlike nature, we are a different variation of homo sapiens: Homo ludens, the man who plays – or even the person who laughs and celebrates.
That’s why we dance wildly, like a wild fire, full of enthusiasm!

Yes we dance and sing and laugh!






I am a philosopher of happiness and laughter Ich bin ein Philosoph des Glücks und des Lachens

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